Adult Kik Buddies

Kik For Adults

Lately there has been a huge increase in the number of Kik usernames for adults. Most people who download Kik are actually kids between 10 to 13 years old, all the way up to 18. But after looking at some statistics online, we can see that the amount of Kik adult users has really expanded. It’s concerning to most parents because the older people on Kik are usually just trying to lure young preteens into sending Kik nudes and sexting on Kik.

Adult Kik Buddies

The developers should enable a “Kik For Adults” section within the messaging app!

Some users have stated that the developers behind the app, should make a separate section within the app, or an update that allows Kik for adults. Kids who use the app, have claimed that over 90% of people who contact them through the messenger, seem to be older males ranging between 30 and 50 years old. Young users should also be very careful before they attempt to Kik adult users, as the risk of nude underage photo sharing is strictly illegal all over the world.

For more information on adult Kik usernames, you can do a quick Google search.

Kik Codes Are The Future

What Are Kik Codes?

If you’re familiar with Kik, you might have noticed that the developers have now added a Kik codes feature, which is similar to the Snapchat code. Kik codes make it so much more easier to add boys and girls on Kik. All you really have to do is go into settings within the Kik app, and then navigate to “Kik code”, switch your camera by using the button located at the bottom of your phone screen. Once you’ve done all of that, point your camera towards your friends Kik code and it will automatically scan it, and add your friend instantly on your Kik contacts list.

Kik Codes And How To Use Them

Take a look at how Kik codes can be used between two best friends.

How Do I Find My Kik Code?

To find your code on Kik, it’s really simple. All you have to do is go to your Kik settings, and tap on “Kik code”. Once you’re on that screen, you’ll have access to your Kik code, which you can then share with your close friends, family and maybe even strangers. Also, Kik groups also have their own unique code. To find your Kik groups code, you’ll have to be inside the actual Kik group chat, once you’re in there, tap on the Kik group name. Then you’ll be able to tap on “show Kik group code”. You’ll also be able to easily share it by tapping on the share option, which is located in the top right corner.

Kik Code Tips And Tricks!

  • Not a lot of people know this, but you have the option to change the background of your Kik code before sharing it with people you meet. Simply tap on your Kik code to do this.
  • Sharing your Kik code on social media websites will be everybody the option to see your profile, which isn’t a good idea if you like to keep your Kik profile private from certain people. If you’d like to find out how you can keep up to date with your privacy on Kik, click here.

Dirty Kik Conversation Fails

The Most Awkward Dirty Kik Chats

Today I’m going to be going through some of the most funniest and awkward dirty Kik conversations. If most of you are familiar with the instant messaging app called Kik Messenger, you’ll know that it is being used mainly for sexting, otherwise known as dirty text messaging. Here are some of my favourite screenshots of those attempting to sext, but failing miserably to do so.

  • Starting of with this failed sexting conversation between Mimi and Kasy. Maybe she should have shaved her thigh? Haha!
Dirty Kik Conversation Fail

Here’s a failed dirty Kik conversation at it’s finest!

  • This one is hilarious, maybe he has a water gun down there?!
Crazy Failed Kik Dirty Chat

Water pistol anybody? How’s this for a failed Kik chat.

  • Damn, some guys can be so straight out! I wonder if he showed it or not?!
Kik Sexting Fail

One of the biggest Kik sexting fails that we’ve seen online.

  • Haha, clearly this sexting conversation went wrong! If you find your self talking to a boy like this, give him the same treatment!
Sexting On Kik Gone Wrong

Damn, some boys on Kik really need to learn how to talk to a real girl.

  • I guess it’s always wise to start off first when playing 20 questions on Kik!
Kik Boy Fails To Sext

Did the fuck boy life choose you?!

Well there you have it boys and girls. Those are just some of the dirtiest Kik conversation fails that I’ve managed to find online. There’s so many available to see just by doing a simple Google search. If you happen to have any of your own sexting fails saved in your phone gallery. Do not hesitate to contact us and send it in for us to post up on our website. You never know, you might just get your sexting fail featured in our next website post for the whole world to see!

Kik Sexting Guide

Complete Guide for parents to protect their child from Kik sexting

Numerous parents are doubtful on how to speak with their teenager or child about the possible implications and dangers of sexting, especially Kik sexting or sexting on Kik, which is, generally done on a smartphone or computer to send out naked photos or videos. Sexting is actually an ever growing phenomenon among teens and sometimes even among younger children. Numerous youngsters usually do not comprehend the possible damage in sending nude photos to close friends or others. For a lot of mothers and fathers, discussing the topic of sexting is extremely difficult, especially if it’s difficult to believe that their child would be exposed to this kind of activity. Kik is one of the biggest instant messaging apps where millions of teens sext every day, every hour. Here in this article you will discover great tips to save you child from the danger of Kik sexting.


Impact of Kik sexting

Generally, teenagers are motivated to sext due to the fact they would like to flaunt or attract somebody. These teens sext making use of their Kik sexting usernames. They feel that this is the best way of showing their desire for any prospective companion or his or her confirmation about commitment to their partner. Some do it because of peer pressure or perhaps for entertainment. Nevertheless, when that relationship or companionship comes to an end, and also when the other person has highly private materials, here is where the difficulties commence and remember, this is not a fairy tale with a happy ending.

A BIG NO to sexting images

Sexting on Kik is a super weapon for molesters. By asking their young child victim to send sexting pictures of themselves, at times even utilizing challenging strategies, including posing as somebody else, they can simultaneously desensitize those to these sexual actions with ease as the child can produce these images while in private, therefore cannot refuse. In addition, because of possible reputation and legitimate implications, the sexting images become blackmailing material or a weapon to utilize against the child. This blackmailing can also be useful to make sure that the child will not report case for abuse.

What parents should do to help their child stay away from Kik sexting or sexting on Kik

Kik Sexting Guide

Featured above is the official Kik Messenger logo.

The Indirect approach

Making use of the indirect strategy or approach could be most effective for your original talks. Citing an informative story about sexting from TV, the internet or perhaps the newspaper could be the best way to start. Applying this technique allows both, the parent and the child, to comment without getting personal about it, parents also can relate to the person in the story rather than their child. Specifically asking your child whether or not she or he has, at any time, done this or they know somebody who has, will only force them to lie. The indirect approach will hopefully keep your lines of conversation wide open.

Keep the discussion open, allowing your kids to freely communicate themselves as opposed to showing your influence, which prevents them from hiding important details from you.

Beware of latest Technological changes

Generally, mothers and fathers might be unaware of what sexting on Kik is and have no idea about how widespread it might be. Parents need to be updated on modern technology. Communication technology and its ability is advancing every single day. Mothers and fathers should know about what can be achieved using this technology. I am not saying that they should have in-depth knowledge of technology but at least they should have the basic working knowledge of it. Specifically portable modern technology like laptop computers and mobile phones, which can also be used to send and receive text messages.

The Parent’s role in preventing Kik sexting

You cannot be around your kids twenty-four hours a day. You are unable to manage what your teenager does in terms of communicating with close friends on their cell phone or social network accounts. Nevertheless, you can guide them. The best and the simplest way to do this is through talking to them regarding the implications of sexting in a non-judgmental way.

What immediate steps can parents take to stop sexting on Kik or Kik sexting?

  1. Start with finding out what they know or what they believe they know about sexting
  2. Teens use many types of Kik sexting usernames to hide from parents. So first, make sure you know your child’s Kik sexting username
  3. Assist teens to develop confidence and self-esteem and a great image of their body. When a teen feels positive about his or her physique or body, they’re less likely to seek approval from other people online. Looking for approval or social media likes from someone else is the culprit behind sexting.
  4. Find out if they or any one of their friends either delivers or has received provocative photos or messages both online or through the use of their smartphone.
  5. Keep an eye on who they are communicating with by checking his or her Kik sexting Username, smartphone, Facebook profiles, Twitter webpages regularly.
  6. Place the pc or laptop within your living room or any high-traffic area of the residence
  7. Encourage your teen to make use of the mobile phone. By motivating teenagers to call each other as opposed to text messaging or IM.


Parents must be practical and bear in mind that sexting is a fact and it’s more dangerous than we could ever imagine. Moms and dads need to understand the effects of sexting and only then will they be able to identify the severe impacts of sending nude Kik photos to other people and how badly it will change somebody’s life for a long time in the future.

Find The Most Attractive Kik Females

Chat With Real Kik Females

If you are wondering how to find the most attractive Kik females from your smartphone, you have come to the right place. We have some enticing information for you. Kik is one of the best instant messengers on the market. Established in 2010, the developers claimed that they have gathered around 200 million users around the world. Youngsters and teenagers are fond of this app because it offers such great features in finding female Kik usernames instantly. It is easier and simpler than other popular chat messenger like WhatsApp and BBM.

The app “perks” are pretty straightforward. The user can send pictures, emoticons, stickers, as well as text with the messenger. The features mentioned are all free, except the stickers. Not to mention that you will be able to find Kik female usernames instantly, ensuring that you are on the right track to improve your dating.

Find Kik Females

This is a screenshot of Kik stickers being used in a simple chat between two friends.

Since it is free to download, there is no reason for you to hesitate to find female Kik users. You just need to download and install it on your Android or iOS device. Amazon and Windows Phone devices can also enjoy the same service. The big difference between Kik and other popular messengers is that it does not require your phone number. Instead, you will be encouraged to create a unique username, just like you do on Skype. While it is not used for others, many folks see this as the main feature to protect their privacy.

Parents always teach their children not to give their phone numbers away to strangers. This is what that looks like. The username holds an important role so that you can be visible on Kik female usernames. So as a start, you will install the Kik app and fill in basic information. In less than a minute, you are ready to use the app. The good thing about this is that it will scan your phone contacts to see if there is any female Kik users in your mobile contacts.

The messaging service is straightforward. You just need to type and send, and you’ll be notified when the recipient reads your message. The status of message is updated right away. Like BBM, “D” means your message has been delivered. When the recipient reads it, the letter “D” turns to a “R” for read. This way you will know whether your friends on Kik have switched off their phone or not, or if they have just read the message without responding it. You can also send links and pictures. All is free except for stickers. Like other messengers, you can also create a Kik group. The difference is that the group is named with a hashtag and multiple people can read and send messages at the same time.

If you need to find Kik females to save your time in searching, you can just look at this page. You will find many of them. Have a nice time dating!

Kik Girls For Fun

Find Attractive Kik Girls

With the advancement of tech nowadays folks can find attractive people like Kik girls right from their smartphone. It is a brand new form of text messaging for those who are looking for romance through the internet. You can find many beautiful and attractive Kik girls right from your Android, Windows 7 phone, as well as your iOS device. Kik has been providing the best community for teenagers and youngsters who are chat fans. Though there are a lot of messenger services available for your mobile phone, no one matches the ability of Kik app to find hot girls on Kik.

Real Kik Girls

A quick screenshot of what a Kik group chat looks like on your iOS device!

Since it is designed specifically for smart phones, it is different from other types of messenger applications. Kik girls messenger has the ability to send the messages and notify real Kik girls and their fans that the messages are read by the recipient. Many of the times you keep sending messages to someone and do not know if his or her smart phone switched off. But when finding real girls on Kik, you can eliminate this inconvenience.

Kik Messenger is indeed a great dating app for all folks who want to have a chat as an initial move to have a date. The coined phrase Kik girls is the absolute proof that this app has gained a lot of attentions from many smartphone users. Good thing about this is that folks can chat with strangers without sharing their phone numbers. All they need to do is just to share their Kik girls messenger user ID. Thanks to the few updates from developers, the most recent version of Kik has done faster works. It sends messages way faster than conventional text messaging services.

Do you feel alone and want to make friends with girls on Kik? Then you have come to the right place. You just need to find the app on the App store and install it. And you can use our page as a free source to find girls on Kik. There are a lot of Kik girls usernames ready to be added to your Kik contacts list. So save your valuable time and start adding attractive real girls on Kik.

The first thing you’ll do is to find the usernames, make an initial contact, approach, flirt and date. It really is a piece of cake. So, what are you waiting for? Install Kik Messenger now!

Kik Users Online

Be a part of Kik users and kick start your amazing journey of chatting and dating!

In today’s era, lots of people use text messaging and instant messaging and also social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to instantly communicate with each other. See the power of social networking, even though these are not instant messengers, you can instantly communicate. Texting is considered the foundation of how people communicate in today’s world. Numerous teenagers, as well as adults text daily, young people do a lot of texting rather, they do more texting than talking. Now there is a great new messenger app that has made internet users crazy. It is none other than Kik Messenger. There are already millions of Kik users who have downloaded this app. Here in this article, you will not only find valuable information about Kik but also about how to find Kik users, especially online Kik users.

Chat with online Kik users - Android

Displayed in this picture is the chat screen within Kik messenger on the Android platform.

Kik is the new messenger application for Android, Windows 7 Smartphones, Symbian phones, apple iPhone’s, Kik Android app is an excellent platform for communication among all teenagers or Kik users who are chat freaks. Although there are plenty of messenger services that are already available for all cell phones, the Kik Messenger proves to be a messenger or text message service exclusively for Smartphones.

New era of messaging for Kik users

Kik is a mobile application that assists Kik users by letting online Kik users send out information. However, there is lot more than this, It also allows you to send messages to any mobile service provider that has text messaging capabilities. Kik makes sure that app users or Kik users usually are not charged international fee by providing its customers local phone number so that you or your buddies won’t have to pay any unnecessary or excess fees. The greatest thing about this application is that, it informs you that a new message has arrived, as well as whenever you send a message it will let you know if the information you delivered was received.

Dating platform for online Kik users

Kik messenger certainly is a great dating platform for many people who want to talk with their partner or lover. A good thing concerning this messenger is the fact that people can talk with unknown individuals without having to share their contact details. All they need to share is their Kik Messenger identification. This will permit them to discuss, talk as well as text with one another at the same time maintaining the distance or hiding your identity. This messenger has cute emoticons for every scenario that makes it simple to convey feelings while texting. These emoticons or smileys are really cute and you can send them to impress your girlfriend, lover or partner.

Multi user chats for online Kik users

In contrast to other messenger apps, this messenger application provides group chatting i.e. multiple online Kik users can talk at the same time. One can have their very own chat group and talk simultaneously with one another. You can also talk secretly to one individual while talking with multiple Kik users. Therefore, if a person wants to notify something important he just needs to text and all the online Kik users in that group can view it.

Connect with your Instagram Profile

Many Kik users are also using Instagram, along with many other popular social media websites to connect using their Kik user-id. You will see quite a few users using “Kik me” tag within their profile. Now, even if your child’s or teen’s profile on Instagram is private, their profiles remain public. Whenever they display a Kik username within their profile, anyone who recognises their Kik user-id on Instagram site could simply “Kik them” on Kik. You need to remember this if you are letting your teenager to remain online on Instagram.

How to find Kik users or online Kik users

To find Kik users, click on “web symbol” (appearing like world) on your own primary chats screen within Kik, then simply type in CHAT in to the Kik web browser. You will find a variety of webpages to find or start new conversations.
You can join any public group. Just search for particular hashtags that pertains to your passions, like #Fashion, #Beauty, #Fitness, #games etc. to meet other people that has similar passion.

Advantages of Kik

  • SMS without any cost while instant messaging is totally free
  • Great threaded layout
  • Free for Kik users and at very low cost for non Kik users
  • Excellent application for people on the move
  • It is simple to set up and easy to use

The only Disadvantage of Kik

  • Non availability of Kik for BlackBerry smartphones until any further notice


This messenger app is quicker as it transmits information considerably faster compared to typical mobile text messaging. One can also send out photos via WiFi, which is a great option. With the help of Kik messenger, couples and lovers are able to stay connected. Therefore, if you wish to stay connected with your lover or other online Kik users, especially this valentine’s day and express your love for each other, then make sure you download and install the Kik messenger app on your Smart Phone. Happy dating!

Kik Friends Online

In order to find Kik friends online, you’ll have to look in all the right places. It doesn’t cost any money to do this, so don’t believe anybody who asks you to pay up front to get access to friendly people on Kik messenger. That stuff doesn’t work and it’s a complete waste of hard earned money.

Kik Friends

So you want to find friends on Kik, but you can’t find any good places to look? Let me teach you a few ways to be successful at making Kik friends online. When it comes to making friends on Kik, you have to always remember to be respectful. Being respectful will always help you gain more friends.

A friend of mine was chatting with me the other day, complaining about how hard it is for him to find female Kik friends. But I could instantly tell that he wasn’t trying hard enough to look for them. We talked for about an hour, discussing different ways to make friends with people on Kik.

He was telling me a story about when he first made a Kik friend, but the person he was talking to was starting to act weird. He later found out that he wasn’t talking to a 18 year old girl. She was in fact an older guy, around the age of 40, pretending to be a young lady.

Just goes to show that you can’t always trust the person on the receiving end. My friend was lucky enough to find out the truth before the relationship flowered into something bigger than it was. Ever since that day, he hasn’t been able to trust females that he meets on Kik Messenger as much as he’d like to.

If there’s anything you can take from this, it’s to always ask for proof before you start getting too involved.

Kik Usernames Female

I bet you’ve been trying to find Kik usernames female all night long. But you haven’t had any luck at all. I know it’s hard to find real females on Kik, but what if I told you there was a way. You’d probably say that I’m lying to you and all that horrible nonsense. I don’t want to ramble on, so I’ll just get straight to the point with you guys.

Kik Usernames Female

Every guy and his dog would love to find a real female to chat with on Kik and maybe even trade pictures with one another. You can do this within the Kik app. Open up your Kik browser, and search for Instant Chat. You’ll definitely find a decent good looking female to have fun with there.

Kik Girls Usernames

Let me fill you in on some of my secrets that I use to find Kik girls usernames myself. Obviously, the first thing you’ll have to do is sign up to Kik and create a Kik username for yourself. When you’re creating your username, try and make it really unique by mixing letters with a few numbers. For example, most girls on Kik like to mix their first name with the year they were born in.

Kik Girls Usernames

Here are a few examples of real girls on Kik that use this technique for their usernames.

  • Paige1995
  • Stacey98
  • Katie2000

After you’ve created your own username, you’ll have to upload a profile picture that’ll attract girls to message you on Kik. Don’t be a total douche and set your profile picture to something explicit or too revealing. Just a simple picture of your face will work just fine. Uploading anything sexual will most likely get you into trouble.

There are a bunch of websites that allow you to post your Kik username online for the whole world to see. You use these websites to find other people on Kik, but you will most likely receive friend requests from fake girls and robots. These robots attempt to spam you with unwanted links, in hopes that you’ll sign up to some dodgy dating website.