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Dirty Kik Conversation Fails

The Most Awkward Dirty Kik Chats

Today I’m going to be going through some of the most funniest and awkward dirty Kik conversations. If most of you are familiar with the instant messaging app called Kik Messenger, you’ll know that it is being used mainly for sexting, otherwise known as dirty text messaging. Here are some of my favourite screenshots of those attempting to sext, but failing miserably to do so.

  • Starting of with this failed sexting conversation between Mimi and Kasy. Maybe she should have shaved her thigh? Haha!
Dirty Kik Conversation Fail

Here’s a failed dirty Kik conversation at it’s finest!

  • This one is hilarious, maybe he has a water gun down there?!
Crazy Failed Kik Dirty Chat

Water pistol anybody? How’s this for a failed Kik chat.

  • Damn, some guys can be so straight out! I wonder if he showed it or not?!
Kik Sexting Fail

One of the biggest Kik sexting fails that we’ve seen online.

  • Haha, clearly this sexting conversation went wrong! If you find your self talking to a boy like this, give him the same treatment!
Sexting On Kik Gone Wrong

Damn, some boys on Kik really need to learn how to talk to a real girl.

  • I guess it’s always wise to start off first when playing 20 questions on Kik!
Kik Boy Fails To Sext

Did the fuck boy life choose you?!

Well there you have it boys and girls. Those are just some of the dirtiest Kik conversation fails that I’ve managed to find online. There’s so many available to see just by doing a simple Google search. If you happen to have any of your own sexting fails saved in your phone gallery. Do not hesitate to contact us and send it in for us to post up on our website. You never know, you might just get your sexting fail featured in our next website post for the whole world to see!