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In today’s era, lots of people use text messaging and instant messaging and also social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to instantly communicate with each other. See the power of social networking, even though these are not instant messengers, you can instantly communicate. Texting is considered the foundation of how people communicate in today’s world. Numerous teenagers, as well as adults text daily, young people do a lot of texting rather, they do more texting than talking. Now there is a great new messenger app that has made internet users crazy. It is none other than Kik Messenger. There are already millions of Kik users who have downloaded this app. Here in this article, you will not only find valuable information about Kik but also about how to find Kik users, especially online Kik users.

Chat with online Kik users - Android

Displayed in this picture is the chat screen within Kik messenger on the Android platform.

Kik is the new messenger application for Android, Windows 7 Smartphones, Symbian phones, apple iPhone’s, Kik Android app is an excellent platform for communication among all teenagers or Kik users who are chat freaks. Although there are plenty of messenger services that are already available for all cell phones, the Kik Messenger proves to be a messenger or text message service exclusively for Smartphones.

New era of messaging for Kik users

Kik is a mobile application that assists Kik users by letting online Kik users send out information. However, there is lot more than this, It also allows you to send messages to any mobile service provider that has text messaging capabilities. Kik makes sure that app users or Kik users usually are not charged international fee by providing its customers local phone number so that you or your buddies won’t have to pay any unnecessary or excess fees. The greatest thing about this application is that, it informs you that a new message has arrived, as well as whenever you send a message it will let you know if the information you delivered was received.

Dating platform for online Kik users

Kik messenger certainly is a great dating platform for many people who want to talk with their partner or lover. A good thing concerning this messenger is the fact that people can talk with unknown individuals without having to share their contact details. All they need to share is their Kik Messenger identification. This will permit them to discuss, talk as well as text with one another at the same time maintaining the distance or hiding your identity. This messenger has cute emoticons for every scenario that makes it simple to convey feelings while texting. These emoticons or smileys are really cute and you can send them to impress your girlfriend, lover or partner.

Multi user chats for online Kik users

In contrast to other messenger apps, this messenger application provides group chatting i.e. multiple online Kik users can talk at the same time. One can have their very own chat group and talk simultaneously with one another. You can also talk secretly to one individual while talking with multiple Kik users. Therefore, if a person wants to notify something important he just needs to text and all the online Kik users in that group can view it.

Connect with your Instagram Profile

Many Kik users are also using Instagram, along with many other popular social media websites to connect using their Kik user-id. You will see quite a few users using “Kik me” tag within their profile. Now, even if your child’s or teen’s profile on Instagram is private, their profiles remain public. Whenever they display a Kik username within their profile, anyone who recognises their Kik user-id on Instagram site could simply “Kik them” on Kik. You need to remember this if you are letting your teenager to remain online on Instagram.

How to find Kik users or online Kik users

To find Kik users, click on “web symbol” (appearing like world) on your own primary chats screen within Kik, then simply type in CHAT in to the Kik web browser. You will find a variety of webpages to find or start new conversations.
You can join any public group. Just search for particular hashtags that pertains to your passions, like #Fashion, #Beauty, #Fitness, #games etc. to meet other people that has similar passion.

Advantages of Kik

  • SMS without any cost while instant messaging is totally free
  • Great threaded layout
  • Free for Kik users and at very low cost for non Kik users
  • Excellent application for people on the move
  • It is simple to set up and easy to use

The only Disadvantage of Kik

  • Non availability of Kik for BlackBerry smartphones until any further notice


This messenger app is quicker as it transmits information considerably faster compared to typical mobile text messaging. One can also send out photos via WiFi, which is a great option. With the help of Kik messenger, couples and lovers are able to stay connected. Therefore, if you wish to stay connected with your lover or other online Kik users, especially this valentine’s day and express your love for each other, then make sure you download and install the Kik messenger app on your Smart Phone. Happy dating!

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